About Cannavallé

Cannavallé is the world’s finest luxury smoking accessory and lifestyle brand.

The Cannavallé collection is a series of luxury smoking accessories designed to add prestige and sophistication to the smoking lifestyle. Cannavallé elevates smoking and inspires the new era of cannabis culture. The collection is designed to symbolize status, class, and refinement – so display Cannavallé with pride alongside other finely crafted home décor, jewelry, collectibles, furniture, and art.

Cannavallé provides smoking connoisseurs with the world’s finest tools and accessories to elevate and complete the smoking experience. The Cannavallé collection is made from a variety of the world’s finest materials and crafted to the highest fit and finish standards. Limited editions, artist collaborations, and exclusive customized products will be made available for our most discerning clientele.

Smoking has reclaimed its haute status, and Cannavallé is creating the tools and accessories to elevate smoking to the most luxurious experience.

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