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Cannavallé was founded by three female entrepreneurs who are in tune with popular culture and deeply connected to music, sports, entertainment, and art industries. The founders live in the luxury world of celebrity and influence and want to connect luxe culture with the ancient smoking rituals and traditions shared by all people for millennia. Cannavallé celebrates, credits, and honors the indigenous peoples of the world from which all modern smoking culture has stemmed. Cannavallé brings together a multidisciplinary team of artists, designers, influencers and aficionados to collaborate on creating the world’s best products to elevate smoking experiences, stir the imagination, and inspire future success

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Melissa Forde

Melissa Forde is a photographer, influencer, and entrepreneur who works and collaborates with the world's top artists, athletes, and entertainers. She is a native of Barbados and learned to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of life from an early age. The Cannavallé name was inspired by carnival celebrations that are part of the traditional harvest festival “Crop Over” which began in Barbados. Like Crop Over, Cannavallé will help spread the tradition of respect and appreciation for life, success, and achievements.

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Natasha Bell

Natasha Bell is an industry connector, socialite, and entrepreneur who connects and collaborates with A-list athletes and entertainers. Natasha and her family work with the biggest names and brands in the sports and entertainment world. She co-founded Cannavallé to recognize and honor indigenous people of the world by weaving traditional art and craftsmanship into every Cannavallé product.

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Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan has a passion for brand aesthetics and story. Classic luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, and Gucci captivated the world by creating a perfect blend of elegance, innovation, and poise that gave women, and men, pride and confidence when donning the brand’s products. Michelle is excited to create a similar world of luxury where you can indulge in solitude or relish in festivity knowing you are elevated and exquisite as you enjoy your smoking experience. This place is called Cannavallé.

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